An emergency dentist is available on short notice and at times when other dentist offices are closed, whether that is during the middle of the night, on the weekend, or even a holiday like Christmas. Dental problems do not see the clock and can occur any time. That is why it is important that you have a good emergency dentist on hand to call in the event a problem occurs. There are many reasons why you may need to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist, including the five below.

1.    Tooth Pain: The most common reason a person visits an emergency dentist is for tooth pain. There are many home remedies that may ease tooth pain but when they do not provide relief, a dental visit is the only solution. It may be necessary to perform an emergency tooth extraction baton rouge but not always.

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2.    Knocked Out Tooth: If you knock a tooth out of its socket, a fast visit to the dentist can save the tooth. It is essential that you make your way to the dentist as soon as possible after this event.

3.    Swelling/Abscess: A tooth abscess is a sign of an infection, which always means trouble. You should schedule an appointment with the dentist for this problem but do not hesitate to make your way to an emergency dentist when help cannot wait.

4.    Chipped/Cracked Tooth: When you chip or crack a tooth, visit a dentist as quickly as possible. Dentists have several solutions for a chipped or cracked tooth, the best available when you get to the dentist immediately after it happens.

5.    Bleeding: If tooth bleeding occurs that will not stop, call a dentist.  This may be the result of a deep laceration that can impact teeth, cause an infection and more trouble.